At Celtic Roots Apparel, we believe that home is more than just a physical space—it's where your heart resides. No matter where life's journey takes you, your roots remain firmly planted in the place that shaped you.

Our mission at Celtic Roots Apparel is to celebrate these cherished places that hold a special significance in your life - be it home, or your home a way from home. We intertwine the essence of these locations into each of our designs, allowing you to proudly wear your heart on your sleeve, quite literally.

Embrace the unique narrative of your life with Celtic Roots Apparel. Our clothing aims to capture the spirit and beauty of these remarkable destinations with simple yet elegant design. Every thread tells a story—a story of your heritage, your memories, and the ties that bind.

From intricately designed t-shirts to cozy hoodies and stylish accessories, our collection offers a wide range of options for both men and women. Each piece is designed with care and attention to detail, ensuring comfort and style.

Whether you're longing for a piece of your homeland or simply drawn to the allure of our beautiful Island, Celtic Roots Apparel welcomes you with open arms. It's time to honor your roots and share your story with the world

Unisex Essential Eco Hoodie

Blending comfort, county and sustainability with this Unisex Essential Eco Hoodie made of organic cotton and recycled polyester from plastic bottles. The hoodie has a double-layered hood, soft and fury inner lining, set-in sleeves, and a front pouch pocket.